Untitled with chair (for Lee)

Body of work: Installation art, Time based

An installation made while in residency at the Alchemy Art Center in Friday Harbor, Washington in the summer of 2018. Immediately upon awakening, on the morning of the Summer Solstice, I entered a house that was considered by the inhabitants and builders to be haunted. It was being reconstructed after decades of disuse, entirely using local lumber, milled immediately on site at the art center. I had prepared by extracting the seeds from thousands of gathered Douglas fir cones, taken from the property. The space where sunlight from the window landed on the floor, I filled with fir seeds. A pane of tinted yellow glass was placed in the window. The seeds remained in place all day, until the yellow square of light cast through the window had completely faded away with the dusk.

Fir cone seeds, rocking chair, tinted glass, sunlight
10′ x 10′ footprint