By Invitation or by Fiat

Body of work: Time based

A giant stack of hay was erected at 7 arts, culture and commercial locations around the Bay Area. At each, an artist was invited to display or perform work, over which they had total autonomy for 30 minutes. At the end of the time, the hay was loaded back onto a truck and driven away for the next performance. Artists variously treated the hay bale as gallery walls, a platform for performance, an object for deconstruction, and a vehicle for addressing local arts institutions. One Artist awarded themselves their first “solo show” on the doorsteps of the Oakland Museum of California. Some sites were officially sanctioned and others were installed by fiat.

Produced and performed in 2018 collaboration with Galen Jackson and Ross Warren, as The Strawman Collective.
Featured artists were: Madelyn Covey, Ecco Felix, lish dawn, Brian George, Ben Jarrett, Joshua Sorkin, and Ross Warren.

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4th-5th February, 2018
Various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area