Finding Passage

Body of work: Public works
Client: Move Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic • Berkeley, CA

This was the transformation of a barrier into a passageway; the transformation of a symbol of conflict into a symbol for healing and growth. All the metal in this artwork was repurposed chain link fence sections, taken from a local hotspot of community conflict. The fence had walled off the site of a battle over the cutting down of an Oak tree grove that had been planted as a World War I memorial in which protesters had been living in the trees to prevent their felling. The fight over the space had been bitter and lasted for years. These sections of chain link fence were hammered down and reshaped into a leafy echo of the land they once barricaded, then mounted around the doorway of a Chiropractor’s office — a place where injured people go to seek out healing.

Repurposed/reclaimed chain link fence
90″ x 4″ x 138″