Ice on ice: an ice capade in sixty acts

Body of work: Time based

Ice on Ice: an ice capade in sixty acts was an absurdist exploration of the classic American Ice Capade, and a nod to figure skating from the perspective of performance-art. In 60 minutes, a rapid-fire succession of 1-minute acts played out until 60 acts had been completed. Conceived as a sort of Rube Goldberg Machine-type performance, each act somehow related to the theme of the one prior.

Acts included: a live mid-performance review by San Francisco Chronicle Theater Critic, Lily Janiak; a rendition of the Carol of the Bells by a full 15-person choir; a 1-minute boxing match on ice; professional figure skating dancers in unison; a hockey player throwing his body repeatedly into a wall; preparation of a meal by a chef of a prominent Michelin-rated restaurant; a rather large block of ice; and a moment of silence.

Created in collaboration, under the moniker of the Strawman Collective.
View playbill, performer credits, press, and more here.
All photos by Daniela Rossell.

January 5, 2019
Oakland Ice Center (Oakland, California)