My work is an ongoing conversation with the ticky-tacky flotsam of urban Americana. It’s the stuff all around us, nearly invisible for its ubiquity and, I believe, a window into our collective social mind.

My efforts are a push-pull with these objects. Pushing, I assemble found objects into shapes that are not their own, looking for hidden insights by taking things out of context. Pulling: I use the reproduction of everyday objects as an opportunity to explore my own relationship to them.

I believe in the ability of persistence to coax surprising insights from the commonplace and familiar world around us. I aim to create objects that function as psychic mirrors— funhouse mirrors, more often than not.

Born in Quito, Ecuador, Andrew Miguel Fuller currently resides in Emeryville, CA, on the razor-thin border between South Berkeley and Oakland. Raised over both North and South America, his work reflects the dreamlike experience of the outsider in his own country. Holding a degree in the study of Society and Environment, his artwork often poses questions of the psychological distance between the human animal and the larger planet on which we live.