Statement of Purpose

Born in Quito, Ecuador and raised over both North and South America, my understanding of the influence of place on the psyche plays a huge role in the way I make artwork. Along with my upbringing, my formal education in Society & Environment has helped shape a passionate interest in the ways that the physical world influences the psyche.

I believe that the objects we share space with influence our lives as surely as the gravity of the moon gently tugging at the distant ocean. Even the most familiar things around us carry the strangeness of the unknown inside them, if we care to look. All things, spaces, creatures are interconnected in countless ways.

Through simple persistent observation, meaningful insights arise from even the most intimately familiar corners of our personal world.

Being so tied to the world we live in, everything that the hand or mind touches bears the mark of its contact and becomes a partial reflection of ourselves. Every interaction we have with the outer world holds a kind of psychic mirror to our inner selves.

My work often plays with the intensive repetition of objects and shapes within a larger form. The result is a simplified compound-object (a patchwork, an assemblage of sorts) and yet complicated in textured, form, substance, and spirit. I love unraveling or opening up a solid form reveals just how much of the solidity and weight of the world lies in the thinness of the skin.

I revel in the subtle tension between the individual and the world they inhabit, each influencing the other in myriad ways. My artwork is a series of attempts to explore the ramifications of this question.