Profile & philosophy

Born in Quito, Ecuador, Andrew Miguel Fuller currently splits his time between North America, Europe, and Antarctica. His body of work is distinguished by painstaking repetition and meticulous attention to detail.

Finding your way in the dark, the human eye works best when looking peripherally. If you try to look at anything directly, it simply slips away; its very boundaries blurring and blending into everything around.

In much the same way, if you want to examine the experience being alive, it helps to look obliquely, rather than head-on.

Mine is a practice of looking sideways. I aim for something closer to intuitive understanding than literal description. I favor peripheral vision and the uncertain hunch to direct metaphors and literal description.

living in the world

Along with the traditional artistic interactions of light, material, and volume, I’m also fascinated by the many visual philosophies of the natural world.

from sketch to implementation

I have over a decade of experience in the construction, design, and installation of small-scale artwork to monumental public works for studios around the world. Please feel free to reach out with consultation or commission requests.

CV – Andrew Miguel Fuller


Engineering & design



Selected Awards & Honors

2019Grant review panelist, “Legacy Artist Fellows Grant”California Arts Council
2018Grant recipientSan Francisco Awesome Foundation
2018Artist-in-residence fellowshipAlchemy Art Center
2018Editor’s Choice awardMake Magazine, May 2018
2011Director’s AwardLancaster Museum / Art Gallery

Selected Press

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2019Sculptor Andrew Miguel Fuller Creates Figurative and Nonfigurative Art,” Mary CorbinAlameda Magazine, Jan. 2019
2018Stone cats at Nike missile site,” James GageAtlas Obscura, May 2018
2017“Marin Society of Artists – Best Bet,” M.I.J. Press StaffMarin Independent Journal, 04 April 2017
2016Interview with Julia A. Travers: “New Semi-Miraculous Language EmergesAsk Artists, June 2016
2013“Museum opens for juried art competition,” Christina RamosAntelope Valley Press, 30 Dec. 2013
2011“Juried art show artists receive awards for works,” Ron SiddleAntelope Valley Press, 05 Feb. 2011