August 8, 20222 min read

Messenger is the Message

Description In the late spring of 2021, as the restrictions from the prior year of COVID-19-related lockdowns in San Francisco began to ease with the […]

August 8, 20222 min read

Ram of the West

Description An homage to Southern California’s rural, mountainous, ranching heritage, Ram of the West was commissioned as a sculptural anchor at the crossroads of two desert communities. […]

August 8, 20222 min read

Old Fashioned Service

Description When a modest frontier community rapidly outgrows its self-conception as a small backcountry cowboy town, how do they commemorate the small-town lifestyle they have […]

August 8, 20222 min read

Finding Passage

Description This was the transformation of a barrier into a passageway; the transformation of a symbol of conflict into a symbol for healing and growth. […]

August 7, 20222 min read

an Echo is a Mirror

Description When we look at the portrait or bust of a person who we know nothing about, how much of their essence is captured therein? […]

August 7, 20222 min read

Steel and Stone (with GATS)

Description Renegade public sculpture installation in collaboration with international graffiti legend, GATS.

August 6, 20223 min read

The 100 Stone Cat Project

Description One Hundred reproductions of a kitschy concrete garden cat, permanently installed in various locations around California, almost all during the COVID-19 pandemic.