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A price list for available artwork can be found here: Artwork Price List.pdf


The Commission Process

The process in commissioning an artwork of any size, whether public or private is the same.
When you’re ready to commission an artwork, you can consider these steps as a guide to help you.

1. Choosing the style of the sculpture
If you have a particular style in mind, any information you can give will be very helpful, including photos of other artworks in a similar style, inspirational photographs, drawings, or installations. If the concept of the work is based on my prior work, please let me know what about the original piece most resonates with you. If you’re unsure about the style of your sculpture, I’m available for consultation to help design the perfect sculpture to suit your taste, site and budget.

2. Conversation between Artist and Client
Here are some questions to consider as we begin clarifying your idea. If you’re uncertain about any of these, I’m happy to help walk you through any stage of the process. Any information you can provide at this point will be helpful, including:

• Where is your sculpture is going to be installed? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Will it be displayed in a public place? Pictures of the site are useful if you can provide them.
• Do you have a certain size that you would you like your sculpture to be?
• Do you have a certain medium or material in mind?
• What is your budget? Budgetary considerations play an important role designing a piece for a client.
• What is your deadline? The sculptural (and foundry) process can vary from several months to a year, or more, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

During this first meeting, any and all additional information that you can share will be useful. Using this information, I’ll be able to provide you with preliminary sketches and a written description of the proposed artwork, tailored to your particular situation and vision.

3. Formal Agreement
Once you decide to move forward with the sculpture, paperwork will be prepared to formalize the agreement. I believe that thorough communication and a good contract are imperative to preventing misunderstandings from arising. Once an agreement is signed and an initial deposit (one third of the total cost) is made, our calendar will begin!

4. Maquette is made
Before work begins on the sculpture, a maquette (a smaller working-model of the sculpture) will be completed for your approval.

5. Sculpting begins
Upon your approval, work will begin on the sculpture itself. This process varies according to the nature of the project, but is usually done in wax or in clay, over a welded steel armature, informed by early studies and drawings.

6. Review the sculpture & second installment due
Once the client has approved the wax/clay original (when applicable), or when the piece is halfway completed, the second installment equaling one-third of the total cost is accepted.

7. Foundry work begins*
If the sculpture is a cast-metal* piece, now is the time to begin a process of working with an artworks foundry to translate the molds into a set of cast metal sections. Once the foundry work is finished, the bronze sections will need to be welded together and re-finished. The fully assembled sculpture then has to be patinated with a series of chemical solutions and torch work. The patina process is its own delicate art and takes great care to be done right.

8. Client receives sculpture & final payment is made
Once the visible part of the sculpture is complete, a custom anchoring system will be fitted so it can be easily installed in its intended location. Now the final payment is due and the finished artwork can delivered!

9: Installation
The cost of delivery and installation can be included in the initial bid for the sculpture, or can be handled separately by the client.

And, finally, a bottle of champagne!

Please contact me with any commission or purchase questions.