August 8, 20223 min read

by Invitation or by Fiat

Description Teasing at the accepted limits of urban art exhibition, a large stack of hay was erected at 7 arts, cultural, and commercial locations around […]

August 7, 20223 min read

Ice on Ice: an ice capade in sixty acts

Description An absurdist exploration of the classic American Ice Capade, and a nod to figure skating from the perspective of performance-art. Over the course of […]

August 7, 20222 min read


Description PAPER/WORK was a whimsical take on the mismatch between the reality of scientific research and the public understanding of it. Blake Gardens, a UC Berkeley-owned, […]

August 6, 20221 min read


Description Because of aircrafts’ inability to operate in the extreme cold, it’s impossible to land airplanes at the research station on Ross Island, Antarctica for […]